Tourist Attraction

1, Wuchang Polar Ocean World

The park includes five major areas: Polar Kingdom, Ocean Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Ocean Moe Pet Park, and Happy Island, covering various forms of entertainment such as tourism, leisure, and parent-child vacations. There are over a thousand species and tens of thousands of polar marine animals, small terrestrial animals, amphibians and reptiles, and jungle birds, with comprehensive coverage of sea, land, and air animals.


2, Wuhan East Lake Scenic Area
The total area of Donghu Scenic Area is 88 square kilometers, including a water area of 33 square kilometers. It is composed of six areas: Tingtao, Moshan, Luoyan, Flute, Baima, and Luohong. Over 2 million trees are planted in the area, and flowers bloom continuously throughout the year, with spring orchids, summer lotus, autumn osmanthus, and winter plum being the most famous.